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Get answers to common questions about our services, facilities, and the care we provide
Welcome to Phenomenal Senior Care, where we make the wellbeing of our residents our top priority. Our goal is to create a caring and vibrant community where seniors can enjoy their golden years in comfort, dignity, and joy. With a team of dedicated and experienced nursing practitioners, we provide personalized care plans that cater to the unique needs of each individual. Explore our FAQs to learn more about our facility, services, and commitment to providing a nurturing environment for your loved ones.
What type of care does Phenomenal Senior Care provide?
We provide a wide range of services including basic care, amenities, and specialized programs such as Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care, and Respite Care.
Are your staff members trained in medical care?
Yes, our facility is run by experienced nursing practitioners, and we have 24-hour on-site trained caregivers.
Do you provide 24-hour supervision?
Absolutely, we provide 24-hour nurse access and assistance to all residents.
What types of rooms do you offer?
We offer both private and semi-private rooms, designed with comfort and accessibility in mind.
How often are the rooms cleaned?
Rooms are cleaned daily by our housekeeping staff to maintain a clean, comfortable, and hygienic environment.
What kind of meals do you provide?
We provide three nutritionally balanced meals a day, catered to individual dietary needs and preferences.
What recreational activities do you offer?
We offer a variety of planned social and recreational activities, aimed at fostering an engaged community.
Do you offer Wi-Fi?
Yes, we offer Wi-Fi Internet access throughout our facility.
Do you have a place for social gatherings?
Absolutely, our media room serves as a social hub for entertainment and gatherings.
Are religious beliefs observed at your facility?
Yes, we respect and support the diverse religious beliefs of our residents.
Do you celebrate holidays and birthdays?
Yes, we celebrate each resident's birthday and various holidays throughout the year.
What types of outings do you organize?
We organize regular trips to local attractions such as TownLakes & Bridgeland.
How do you ensure the safety of residents?
We have 24-hour nurse access, safety-equipped bathrooms, and emergency call systems in every room.
What is the staff-to-resident ratio?
Given our commitment to personalized care, we maintain a low staff-to-resident ratio.
How are healthcare needs assessed?
We have a specialized resident-evaluation program to understand each resident's unique health and wellness needs.
Do you offer respite care?
Yes, we provide respite care for temporary stays or recovery periods.
Do you have a hospice care program?
Yes, we provide compassionate end-of-life care through our hospice care program.
Can residents personalize their rooms?
Absolutely, we encourage residents to personalize their rooms to make them feel more at home.
Are there private bathrooms in the rooms?
Yes, all our rooms, both private and semi-private, come with en-suite bathrooms equipped with safety features.
Are residents allowed to have guests?
Yes, we welcome visitors and believe that maintaining social connections is important for our residents' wellbeing.
Are there any restrictions on visiting hours?
We have flexible visiting hours, but we do ask visitors to respect the routines and rest times of our residents.
Do you offer transportation services for medical appointments?
Yes, we assist with arranging transportation for medical appointments.
What is the process for administering medications?
Our trained staff manages medication administration to ensure that each resident receives their prescribed dosage at the correct times.
Do you accommodate special diets?
Yes, our meals are nutritionally balanced and we can cater to specific dietary needs and restrictions.
Are pets allowed?
While we love animals, for safety and allergy considerations, we are unable to allow pets at our facility.
What happens if there's a medical emergency?
We have emergency protocols in place and our staff is trained to handle various medical emergencies.
How often can residents go out?
Residents are encouraged to join our organized outings, and with family consent, they can also have outside visits.
Can residents do their own laundry?
We provide daily personal laundry services, but residents are free to do their own laundry if they wish.
Can residents choose when to wake up and go to bed?
We respect the autonomy of our residents and allow them to maintain their preferred routines while ensuring they receive necessary care and services.
How do you handle residents with memory care needs?
We offer specialized programs for Memory Care and Alzheimer’s Care, providing a safe and supportive environment for these residents.
Is there a security system in place?
Yes, the safety of our residents is a top priority. We have a comprehensive security system in place.
Are there any outdoor spaces for residents?
Yes, we have outdoor areas where residents can relax and enjoy fresh air.
Can residents bring their own furniture?
For safety and space reasons, our rooms are already fully furnished, but residents can bring personal items to make the space feel more like home.
Is smoking allowed?
To ensure the health and safety of all our residents, our facility is a non-smoking environment.
How is the payment schedule arranged?
We work closely with families to establish a payment schedule that aligns with their needs.
Do you accept insurance?
We accept various forms of insurance. Please contact us directly to discuss specific coverage details.
What's included in the monthly fee?
The monthly fee includes accommodation, meals, housekeeping, basic care, and access to our amenities and specialized programs.
Do you have any activities to keep residents physically active?
Yes, we have a variety of health and wellness programs designed to keep our residents physically engaged.
Can residents request special meals for guests?
Absolutely, we can arrange special meals for residents and their guests with prior notice.
How can we contact you for more information?
You can contact us via phone, email, or through the contact form on our website. We'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.


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